Removing Limescale and Hard Water staining in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Photographs below of a Porcelain tiled shower that had been installed at a house in Cheshunt the year before. The tiles were actually dark grey textured porcelain tile but hard water in the area had left very noticeable water stains and limescale deposits that were proving hard to remove with general cleaning.

Stained Black Porcelain Shower Tile Cheshunt Before Cleaning

Hardwater is basically water with a high mineral content which are historically recognised as being good for you, however it’s not so good for the bathroom where the minerals are left behind when the water evaporates.

On the initial visit to survey the tiles we ran a test clean on a small area to ensure we could return the tile back to its as new condition. All went well, and the customer booked us in to return later to complete the work.

Removing Limescale from Porcelain Shower Tiles

Work began by giving the shower tiles an initial clean with Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro which was worked into grout lines with detail brushes and a burnishing pad for the tile surface. This process removed all the Limescale and water marks.

A second clean was then carried out with Tile Doctor Duo-Clean which is a fast-effective double action cleaning solution that can remove mould and blackspots from grout and silicone. The solution was sprayed on the shower room floor and walls and left to soak in before being worked in with a stiff brush.

Stained Black Porcelain Shower Tile Cheshunt During Cleaning

The shower tiles were then rinsed with a steam cleaner to remove any trace of product and then buff the tiles with a hand-held white buffing pad to bring up their appearance.

To give it a neat waterproof finish we stripped out the old silicone sealant from around the base of the shower and replaced with new mould resistant silicone.

The shower took a whole day to complete but I think you will agree has been transformed by the process.

Stained Black Porcelain Shower Tile Cheshunt After Cleaning

Reducing the Impact of Hard Water

To minimise the impact of hard water some shower units will keep the shower running at a gradually decreasing temperature immediately after use. This has the effect of rinsing off the deposits before evaporation has chance to occur. Personally, we recommended you spray the shower tiles with Tile Doctor Aqua-Pro after use, this product is a bathroom tile cleaner that is ideal for the regular cleaning of all types of internal porcelain/ceramic bathroom/wet room tiles. Apply by lightly spraying a dilution of the cleaner and wipe over then water rinse and dry buff to finish.
Source: Porcelain Tile Cleaning and Restoration Service in Hertfordshire

Dealing With Very Dirty Porcelain Hallway Tiles

The owner of this Porcelain tiled floor installed in a house in Salisbury had contacted us to look at the grout lines which had become very dark with ingrained dirt and also the textured parts of the tile which had trapped dirt and become difficult to clean effectively. We popped round to take a look and ran a small cleaning demonstration which was very successful and so they quickly booked us to complete the work.

Textured Ceramic and Porcelain tiles tend to have a rough surface which does give them more grip but it also means there are more places for dirt to become trapped, also many don’t realise but the cementitious nature of grout means the very top layer is slightly porous and also able to trap dirt.

Porcelain Tile Salisbury Before Cleaning Porcelain Tile Salisbury Before Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Porcelain Tile and Grout

We started by mixing a strong solution of Pro-Clean and NanoTech Ultra Clean and left to dwell for 10 minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate the build-up of ingrained dirt and grime. Then using a stiff grout brush we scrubbed each and every grout line to remove all traces of dirt and residue.

Next we attached a stiff poly brush to our rotary machine and covered the whole floor making sure that we scrubbed each tile at least four times to make sure we removed as much dirt and grime as possible. We then rinsed the floor several times using clean water and removing slurry with wet vacuum making sure that all product had been removed.

Porcelain Tile Salisbury After Cleaning Porcelain Tile Salisbury After Cleaning

The tile and grout now look much cleaner and hopefully you can appreciate the difference in the photographs above.

Source: Residential and Commercial Tile and Stone Cleaning in Wiltshire